About Randy Sandknop

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Photo of Randy SandknopWelcome! I'm so glad you're reading this right now because the fact that you're scouting the Internet and exploring the idea of happiness and the possibilities of finally breaking through to that most joyful state in some lasting way means that YOU are extraordinary.  Your life experiences and desire have lead you here and I want you to know how much I admire you right now!  You inspire me!

Just so you know from the start, happiness doesn't depend on how old you are, how many times you've failed or beat yourself up, what addictions you have, what kind of people you come from, married, gave birth to or befriended, how much money you have, what talents, skills or IQ you bring to the quest --- right now, in this moment, you are in the ideal position to erase your chalkboard, fearlessly take chalk in hand and write a whole new life for yourself.

That's the good news ---  and guess what?  There's NO BAD NEWS!

How can I be so sure, you might wonder?  Because I've done it, day by day, word by word, cup over tea kettle, and I'm here to assure you that ANYTHING is possible, once you decide.

Like you, I've experienced all of life's traumas (well, not all, but like you, plenty).

I'm going to bare all to you and in the process assure you that nothing you say, do, did or tell me could possibly shock or even surprise me.  And, bonus! I'm totally unoffendable!

Happiness is a magic trick, a skill set, a change of mind, a blossoming heart, a turn of phrase.  Anyone can practice the happiness techniques I've learned and developed and you're free to make up your own, there's no rules here!

I invite you to contact me, ask all the questions you want and then decide to start now, right where you are, with whatever you've got. If I'm right, you're ready NOW or you wouldn't be reading these words.  Can you feel how ready you are?

I will be honored and thrilled to be part of your thriving happy path!  You will be amazed at the power you have hidden inside --- joy and even ecstasy are inevitable, no matter what came before --- once you decide!

Click here to read about my own personal decision to be happy.

The Making of The Practice Happiness CD

photo of Practice Happiness CDAfter studying quantum theory for six years and pondering the possibilities, I was ready for the inspiration that created this CD. I had read many books, watched What the Bleep Do We Know many times, taught the principles of Law of Attraction in the Quantum-Touch workshops and studied The Secret when it came out. I had just finished reading "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" by Shad Helmstetter when the idea for the CD came to me in a flash one morning.

My son, Stephen, is a musician and had suffered from sever depression for many years but had been helped finally by undergoing Neurofeedback Therapy in late summer of 2006. We learned that the brain likes to be rewarded for paying attention and that this therapy uses a beep for the brain's reward for paying attention. We used this same theory and put Stephen's original music and a strong beat with my spoken statements that go beyond affirmations into the realm of the positive new language of manifesting, thus combining our skills and ideas into a winning tool for transformation.

The first track, Self-esteem and Motivation, was finished a mere week after conception and we were so thrilled with the results, the rest of the tracks almost formed themselves. The rough drafts were finished by the end of January 2007 and then it went into final production with Karie Hillery in California. Stephen and Karie did a wonderful job of polishing the tracks and getting them ready for the duplication process. The first run sold out fast and the second run is gone as well. Right now you can still get all 7 tracks as a digital download.

Photo of Randy and her son, StephenHundreds of people have used this CD to radically alter their thought patterns easily and permanently!  Click Here to find out more about this amazing, leading edge thought training program!